My story -

I'm Lina from New York.  I have been passionate about pastry and desserts from a young age.  I remember watching Julia Child on PBS with my mother and drooling at her lovely representation of food and appreciation for fine ingredients and the joy that she shared with her viewers while she crafted every recipe.

Several careers later,  I attended The French Culinary Institute in New York and received my diploma in Pastry Arts.  I worked with incredibly talented and famous chefs in New York and learned to appreciate quality ingredients and care and passion.  I learned true devotion to my craft - though I would learn to trust my own inner voice and flavor much later.

I was fascinated with chocolate, the variety and intensity of its flavors and its peculiar abilities to make us, even for a split second, entirely happy.  I needed to know more about artisanal chocolate, which is made from all natural and original source ingredients. The ingredients, which are grown with love and true spirit of the indigenous growers and how divine it should be.  

I started experimenting with different recipes, but not to my satisfaction - there was no sensational, transcending flavor that I was looking for, until I met Amy Levin  (  and her classes changed everything for me. My spiritual bond with chocolate was instantly enhanced and I realized that working with raw cacao was something that completed my search - it was the last ingredient to my recipes.

When I think of ingredients and recipes, I always think of my family first, especially my young son and chocoholic husband.  Everything has to be special and thought out.  So with this in mind, my passion has turned into something more and that is what I would love to share with you.  

What I focus on when finishing my chocolate is flavor and texture.  That is what I try to achieve, so there will be times when visually, it has imperfections, and that I am very fine with.  But...I will never compromise flavor or quality.